Complete Roadside Assistance & Towing Services in the Area of Satu Mare and Neighbouring Conties - Romania & Hungary

Our goal is the rapid recovery and assurance of your vehicule mobility whether it is the case of cars, vans, trucks, industrial, agricultural or construction machinery, in the shortest time possible in the most effective conditions.

To achieve this objective, Alibaba TRANS will combine as many services are needed, respecting the type of service according to each case, the order and conditions of organizing and provision of services closely oriented to customer needs and conditions established beforehand.

 ALIBABA TRANS full service and availability 24 hours of 24.


1. Roadside assistance in case of an accident or an emergency with hotline

On-call help from our auto repair experts and telephone technical support.

2. Troubleshooting on site

An  authorized mechanic will perform on site troubleshooting and repairs when the situation permits it. The goal is to regain mobility in the most rapid way.

3. Towing

Transport of your vehicle to the nearest auto repair service or any other location indicated by you.

4. Passenger Transport

6-20 place Buses, different capacities with ability to transport platforms and up to 40 passengers when needed.


1. Accommodation

We provide a quality accommodation at affordable price according to your needs.

2. Exchange vehicle

We provide a replacement car in order to assure your mobility right away. A wide range of cars and vans (from 5 to 20 seats) are at your disposal ready to go.

3. Vehicle return transportation

Transport of the damaged vehicle to your residence or any other indicated address.

5. Monitored parking lot

In case the vehicle has to wait for the repair, towing, or return, it will be parked. Our permanently monitored parking lot is at your service.

6. Spare parts delivery

Purchasing and delivery of the needed spare parts.

7. Service repairs monitoring

We initiate and maintain a permanent communication with the repair unit (in which the vehicle was transported for repair)

 ALIBABA TRANS offers full service and availability 24/7.